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Hand made products that support Holly's Hope


 Summer Cat Nip Monkey's and Catipillars

Holly's Hope catnip hacky sacks

Holly's Hope is selling catnip hacky sacks to support all of our kitties. These are hand made and stuff full of Kooky Kat Nip from BC. We want to thank the Kooky Kat Nip Company for their generous donation please make sure to also check out their website here. 2 hacky sacks for $5


Catnip Fish

Kitty face catnip balls 



Our famous catnip monkeys

These cute monkeys are our number one selling product that are hand stuffed with Kooky Kat Nip. Cat's absolutely love them and will carry them around your home and cuddle up with them when they nap. Get your kitty a monkey today for only $5 all proceeds go to help the kitties at Holly's Hope. 


Kitty Cat Nip Playmats

 They are hand made in med. & large sizes &  perfect  for any kitty to sleep on. They come in many patters and colours to choose from they are $5. & $10  each.




All of our products are available locally for purchase ..Contact us for locations & hours

All these items are available for purchase by using the