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Diamond ..thrown out on 401 like trash

Meet our miracle girl>>>> "DIAMOND"..aka "Diamond In The Rough".Pls Read Her Story & help us help her if you can. Our little Miracle Girl is enjoying wearing her baby onesie while her fur grows back as a result of her stressful ordeal on the 401. She lost much of her fur during this incident and had trouble keeping warm, so we put a baby outfit on her and she loves it. Its a miracle this little girl is alive today after her harrowing experience on the 401. She was sadly a road toss onto the 401 during the ice storm., but her guardian angel turned out to be a lady driving the 401 on her way to work that morning of the ice storm .She suddenly spotted a little black kitty,sitting hunched over and stunned, in the middle lane of the 401 and couldn't believe her eyes. Cars were whizzing by this poor baby at top speed,yet she never moved & seemed dazed & frozen to the road. This kind lady,pulled over onto the side of the highway & while managing to dodge cars herself, she ran into the highway & quickly snatched up the kitty,tucked her into her coat & climbed back into her car. She immediately named her Diamond as she was a Diamond In The Rough b/c of the shiny ice pellets reflecting off her muddy fur. She probably hit her head on impact with the road when tossed from a vehicle as she still seemed very groggy & confused. Her teeth were all broken from the impact , she was soaking wet,and covered in mud,slush & ice. Her fur was skinned off by the impact of being thrown from a vehicle and skidding along the icy highway.She spent the day in the ladys office recovering in a box placed over a floor heater trying to warm up her frail little body. She was underweight at only 2kgs.,emaciated & too weak to stand the day we picked her up, but has gained weight in foster care and her hip bones no longer jut out of her fur . She loves her food & mews quietly when she sees her foster mom coming to fill up her food bowl.She is gaining weight & is strong enough now to be spayed & have her dental surgery where those broken teeth will be removed . She had obviously been neglected & starved before someone threw her away on that busy highway like trash , but she had a guardian angel that day looking over her. If you can't adopt her but want to help with her dental surgery & spay, we accept donations at We send a thank you card & a photo of Diamond to everyone who donates to help with her surgery costs. She is Spayed/Vaccinated/Dental work/Fiv/FeLeuk Neg. Apply at Adoption Fee is $160
  • Spayed
  • Current on shots
  • housetrained
Domestic Short Hair
Hollys Hope Cat Rescue
London, ON N5Z 4L7